About Us

Bike share Cleveland a bike shop in Miami Florida that offers a unique service that bike lovers will surely recognize. Our mission is to reach the entire county of Miami Florida with enormous and one of a kind services for all bike lover. We believe that we don’t only do the business for profit also to secure the safety of our customers and their bike.

At bike share, Cleveland is all avid riders so we share what we achieve in biking and we are passionate by giving it back to the community of Miami Florida. That passion is the key to the business and the intention to offer to every customer with excellent service.

The business was firstly located at Cleveland and with an intention to serve the community in the county of Florida. Targeting to be the number one tire shop Florida with a service like the discount tire for sale on a different brand. We also offer biking apparel for convenient for all bikers for this is our target to be a one-stop shop.

Furthermore, bike share Cleveland connects to another bike tire Florida to build a best relationship. We always upgrade the ability and excellence of our staff in knowledge about the bicycle to serve our customer more effectively.

Come and visit our shop and be able to meet all your needs in your love for biking experience. Also, we would like to hear from you, if you have any question and inquiry we are glad to help and assists you.